Dracos sire Macho DNA tested negative for mutation of Dwarfism and  Hydrocephalus ! We welcomed Macho as a yearling and began his training in dressage at the age of 3. After successfully progressing through second level he displayed talent for piaffe, passage, flying changes, and canter pirouette by 5 years old. He was quickly perfecting his athletic ability when an unfortunate injury cut his show career short leading to an early retirement. In March of 2007 we bred him to a few select mares. The results were astounding. His foals were simply magnificent! He passed on the hallmark traits of Pyt 325 a 4 time US National champion performer along with his wonderful working temperament. Macho's easy to sit gaits and spectacular trot are evidenced in his fabulous foals making them superior riding mounts as well as phenomenal show horses. This made Macho the ideal foundation stallion for breeding the finest Georgian Grande horse! Unfortunately on June 14, 2022 we had to make the hard decision of humanley putting Macho down after 26 years of life he no longer could sustain himself. His legacy will live on in his get. He was just short of being 27 years old. He was a fabulous sire and Starfire Farm will miss him greatly. . 

WE NOW OFFER : Starfires Draco who is a 9 year old Classic Champagne Georgian Grande Stallion we raised and out of Macho our late stud. He was honored with Reserve Champion at the USDF Breeders show in 2023.  He stands at 16 hands, and has been DNA tested, he carries the champagn, black and red genes.  Please call if you are interested in a breeding to this lovely stallion who is exhibiting all the talent and wonderful traits his sire did before him. Please call for fee schedule and info.