Swan and Starla are our two broodmares. We are offering a prepurchase of a foal from them for the first time this year to a breeding choice of two of our stallions our Friesian Stallion Macho or our Champagne stallion Draco.We are now mostly trying to breed champagne or palomino coloring and are specializing in these colors.

Swan has produced two buckskins out of 4. She would produce a champagne out of our stallion Draco or a 50% chance of buckskin or black bay out of our Friesian Stallion Macho. She has produced mainly dressage movement. Her get are between 16-16.2 hands. 

Starla has consistently produced buckskin coloring 3 out of 3 times from our Friesian stallion, and produces 16 -16.2 hand get. Two of her get are being trained and shown in Western Dressage. 

Please call for pricing and payment on one of these foals in utero for a 2021 foal.