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Starfire Farm Georgian Grande Horses And Foals

Foal training at the farm begins on day one. We have always felt that handling the foals is an integral part of desensitizing them to the human touch and to begin the building of trust between human and horse. This is a very important time, the handling and desensitizing of them will be the first impression that will affect their perceptions of humans for the rest of their life and so we want to make sure we leave them with a feeling of trust and security that we are not there to hurt them. The foals in the beginning have all the natural instincts of fear and flight, and what we try to do is build trust with touch and the movement of their body. We then begin to build on this with daily handling of them. Our goal is to have each foal be desensitized enough to allow us to walk and trot on the  lead rope, stand quietly , pick up feet, brush and comb them, catch them, put halter on and off,  move them away with touch,  tie and trailer load, desensitize to scary objects, and expose them to new stimuli. These items\are some of the most basic fundamentals of ground work and will take a foal a long way in the handling and training of their formidable lives. If we can give a foal a good start we feel it will go a long way in being a valuable partner for any new owner where the bonding will be built on trust with the thinking side of their brain and not fear. Starfire Farm uses this when working with georgian grande horses and foals.