Georgian Grande  

Starfires Betelgeuse,  bay Georgian Grande 2017 colt named after the 9th brightest star in the constellation of Orion and one of the largest and luminious stars to the naked eye and considered a red super giant just like this big guy. We call him Bugs for short he is absolutely adorable and a full brother to Major and Hercules. He is the last foal born this year.  Priced at 4500. till weaned then price will go up. Can take payments. 

Starfires Venus, bay Georgian Grande  2017 filly named after the star Venus the second planet from our solar system that happens to rotate in the opposite direction of our planet earth and the goddess of love and beauty  Venus  is a very big boned filly and exceptionally elegant in her movement. Priced at $4500. till weaned then price will go up.  She will mature to 16 hands.  Can take payments.


Starfires Xenia,  buckskin Georgian Grande 2017 filly named after the star Xenia which is located in the Canis Major constellation. Xenia is known for hospitality, friendship and  in  ancient Greek  and protector of guests this little filly not so little now is a lovely deep  golden buckskin color and extremely friendly. She is going to have size and she should mature to approx. 16 hands. Priced at 5000 till weaned then price will go up. Can take payments.   

Starfires Artemis, a  rare 2017 champagne filly. Named after The Goddess Diana who was the goddess of light and  protector of the vulnerable. This adorable filly is a full sister to Draco and is absolutely a cutie with personality plus. Priced at 6500. till weaned then price will go up. Can take payments.

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